Remembering Dolores

This site was created with the intention of remebering the life of Dolores Moriarty and also to highlight the abuse she suffered during her later years. This site will be used to give Dolores a voice so her suffereing will be heard by others.

Elder Abuse

Purpose of this Site


To remember and honour Dolores Moriarty.


To scratch at the wall of silence. It is too late to save Dolores. It is not too late to help the thousands of others who are in the same situation.


To have Rosemary held accountable for her crimes against Dolores, and to protect current and future victims from her.


To raise awareness of Elder Abuse


To reform Ireland's laws concerning Elder Abuse


To bring reform to Ireland's government agencies dealing with Elder Abuse.

Examples of Abuse

The abuser forced Dolores to sign a document/ letter of authority which gave her the ability to collect Dolores pension. That evening Dolores made the only telephone call she could summon the strength to make during the last eight weeks she was in her sick bed, to James her son telling him that this had happened and asking James to rectify what had been done. The next day when the abuser was confronted by James and he told her that his mother was not a willing signee to the letter of authority, she stated “Oh she says one thing to one person and another thing to somebody else”. James told her this was not the case and that Dolores wishes were very clear with regard to her personal business and belongings. A second letter was sent by the abuser to “An Post” to quash the letter of authority.



While weak and sick Dolores was put in a wheel chair and brought to her local post office by her abuser. While there Dolores refused to give up her PPS number to allow her accrued pension to be collected. The abuser then said “that is ok I will go back to your house and get your pension card from your hand bag” and left her aid, to stand over Dolores while she was gone. The abuser returned and with drew eight weeks of Dolores pension.



On a Sunday a number of weeks before Dolores passing James as her sole executor went to her safe to place an item in it. When he opened the safe he found it to be empty and knew this should not be the case. While waiting to speak to the abuser who had access to the key, James was told this person had gone grocery shopping; this was 10pm on the Sunday evening. When confronted the following day as to where the contents of the safe had gone, the abuser informed James that the contents of the safe “would not fit properly in the safe” and that the contents had been put by them elsewhere for “Safekeeping”. James told the abuser to show him where the contents had been put. The abuser witnessed by James retrieved the contents from under their bed!



On 13/12/2012 While James had stepped out of Dolores room, Dolores protested to Rosemary about the abuse she was inflicting on her. When Rosemary left the room she stated to James “she is feisty today I will have to give her more Xanax”. Xanax (Zanax) is a tranquilizer and not a tool to silence someone, but Rosemary had been trusted to administer Dolores medication.



These are only some of the abuses visited on Dolores. I will be publishing recordings with regard to the abuse suffered by Dolores during her later years.

What is Elder Abuse?

A single or repeated act or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust, which causes harm or distress to an older person. World Health Organization

This was adopted from the UK's action on Elder Abuse's 1993 definition. In Ireland, the definition adds "or violates their human and civil rights."

A non-accidental act or omission, which undermines the life, the physical and psychological integrity of an older person or harms the development of his or her personality and or undermines or damages his or her financial security. European Council

What are the signs of Elder Abuse? Who commits Elder Abuse? Who reports Elder Abuse? Who is required by law to report suspected Elder Abuse?


The HSE has reported that elder abuse is at a recored high in Ireland, click here to read about this report.

Elder Abuse - Video